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"Attending classes at CTS has helped me learn new computer Programs while enhancing job security. Two courses down (Excel 2007 and Power Point 2007) and two to go (Access and Outlook).  Computer literacy is a must in the current job market.  To have or keep any job today, you simply must possess proficient computer skills. Continuous expansion and/or up-grading of existing computer skills must be part of every working personís agenda". - M. Whelan

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Facts, Answers and Questions

Question: I taught myself how to use a computer many years ago, why do employers say my skills are basic.

Answer: Computers were meant to be sold! The easier it is to begin using a computer the more of them can be sold. The Windows Operating System allows you to click on words like save, print, open, close and graphics to operate a PC. Before Windows people had to be trained to use computers.

Today, people still need to be trained to understand Operating Systems, Hardware and Application Software's. That's why computer schools are still in business and well paid employees have been trained.

Question: Where are all the Free Computer Classes?

Answer: There are still free classes given at such places as libraries, churches and community organizations.

Free computer classes were really abundant in the late 90's and early part of the new millennium. This was a step by communities and the government to Bridge the Digital Divide.

Free class training is better than nothing but remember free training is paid by some other parties. It is always best (if possible) to enroll in training that you can afford.

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*CTS New Online Computer Classes will begin on September 24, 2013. Everyone will have the opportunity to take our comprehensive computer learning classes 24/7 at a cost that is affordable to most.

Courses that will be offered on 9/24/ 2013

Computing 101 for Beginners

Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 Basics and Beyond

Microsoft Excel Beginner to Intermediate

November 2013

Microsoft Access and PowerPoint


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